Rosewood Mini Leather Quran

Rp 129.000 Rp 149.000
"Read the Quran, reflect on it, and grow with it.. Keep your toungue busy with it, and let the meaning settle in your heart, and it's calls be manifest in your ways.."

This Mini Leather Quran is carefully designed for you that has an active lifestyle to ensure you can always be able to read the Qur'an at any place and time.
The cover is made of luxurious and durable premium faux leather that is super handy, classy and travel friendly. It is small, compact, and light weight to be carry in your everyday bag or even your pocket!

Specification :
  • Quran Tajwid dan terjemah
  • Cover size 9.8x14cm (size A6)
  • Hardcover with premium leather lamination and  gold foil detail that totally one of a kind (signature design by Inaprayer)
  • Soft pages, Quran material using QPP 50 gram
  • Extra light weight, only 300 gram
  • Toleransi perbedaan warna karena pencahayaan & pengaturan monitor
Crafted with the best material to ensure the maximum comfort on your daily prayer.

Notes :
All product catalog taken by professional photographer with optimum lighting. The color shown in the image may not be 100% the same as the actual product, this could be due to the lighting process during the photo session, or the quality of the gadget screen used to view the image. For online purchases, please consider the tolerance for discrepancies.

Return & Exchange :
Produk cacat / kesalahan kirim dapat ditukar dengan syarat:
1. Wajib menyertakan full video unboxing pesanan
2. Produk dalam keadaan baru dan belum digunakan
3. Produk tidak berbau, tidak diubah dan tidak rusak
4. Konfirmasi retur maksimal H+3 dari penerimaan barang
Segala bentuk komplain yang masuk tidak dapat diproses jika tidak memenuhi persyaratan tersebut
5. All international sales are final. No return & refund

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